Responsibility and resilience

as a learning process.

We are a Luxembourg-based agency designing training programs in ethics, compliance and security.


We mix cutting-edge innovations with simplicity, and merge academic expertise with the real-life experience of corporate and military practitioners to build both on-site and online training programs for your teams and for your clients.

... and how we do it.

We involve your collaborators at every step of the project so to turn them into active ambassadors of the change you want to create with our products. Our programs are not meant to be a one-shot, box-to-tick formality, but a vibrant pillar of your governance and your company culture.


Corporate social responsibility, research and development integrity...


Anti-fraud and corruption, personal data protection, anti-money laundering...


Cybersecurity, close protection, crisis management...


What we do...

crisis readiness When a crisis hits your organisation, you do not want amateurs on the frontline. We've built a serious board game for an industrial firm to drill the procedures of its crisis cells and train its people to act under intense pressure and take coherent decisions with limited information. 

anti-corruption and bribery compliance We've designed an awareness program for a service company conquering emerging countries. Our modular program allowed each employee to gain the knowledge her/his function required, from general awareness with an online training, to one-to-one sessions for executives at risk. 


ethics for the security operator  The time of trigger-happy mercenaries is over. Security companies deploying overseas want to make sure their employees know the legal environment they operate in, and that they are applying the strictest rules of ethics. We've designed an on-site training based on real-life case studies and helped our client integrate no-nonsense ethics into their  management on the ground. 


An intensive one-week online course to learn how to identify

and prevent the most common fraud schemes in your organization.


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